Kettlebells plus Bikram Yoga: The Perfect Marriage

From Studio Owner, Martha Williams:
“I have been seeking the perfect strength training exercise for many years. Obviously, I think Bikram Yoga is amazing. I have centered my life around it for more than 15 years. But I have always known that I would need to supplement my Yoga practice with some sort of strength training. To me, Kettlebells are the perfect complement to any Yoga practice but more importantly the two together give me the assurance that I will not suffer repetitive stress injuries or have the deep stretches turn into problem areas in my body. I will let Kettlebell Instructor Tyler Yearby explain this in his terms:…”
“Training with kettlebells are not only fun, but they can easily enhance your general strength qualities, spatial awareness. cardiac output and more! The qualities are increased because of the irregular center of gravity of the kettlebell, which causes your body to work in a summated fashion. Squatting, swinging, pulling, and pressing the bells in numerous planes of motion will make postures much easier in your yoga practice, thus allowing you to benefit even more from your sessions! The body is meant to move freely without being locked in a robotic posture, so the yoga/kettlebell combination is perfect!”
How do you begin?
Come try a class!
Continuing into your future, attend 1/2 hour sessions prior to your Bikram Yoga Class of choice. These classes will be specifically designed to compliment Bikram Yoga and are intended to be done before your Bikram Yoga Class. Recommended maintenance will be twice per week. Tyler explains from an exercise physiology perspective:
“Simply put, it is more advantageous to perform moderate bursts of energy moving an external load first, because the body has more stored glycogen to perform the exercise. Bikram yoga done following a kettlebell workout can still be performed, because a 90 minute yoga session utilizes primarily oxygen for the main energy source. This is possible because there is a smaller amount of glycogen needed. Performing yoga prior will deplete too much of your body’s stored energy. So come move some bells before yoga!