There are numerous reasons to add kettlebells to your weekly routine because they offer great transferability to everyday life movements. The combination of the external load and irregular center of gravity of the kettlebell require that the body adjusts by developing great base levels of strength and increased spatial awareness. These two attributes make everything seem a little easier. The cannon ball with a handle, as they are sometimes called, provide an environment for better functioning during your daily routine. Come give them a try!

Kettlebell Weekly Schedule: all 30 minute classes

  • Monday: 6:15p
  • Tuesday: 5:15a
  • Wednesday: 11:30a
  • Thursday: 6:15a
  • Friday: 3:45p
  • Saturday: 8:30a
  • Sunday: 6:15a 8:30a

CLASS NOTES: The exercises, intensity, reptetions, and rest periods may vary from class to class, but safety will always be top priority.

Teachers all have progressions they will follow, but the classes will be crafted differently based on the teacher’s creativity!

You must pre-register 12 hours prior to class as a courtesy to the teacher. If no one is signed up, the class will automatically be cancelled.