Susan Milchman

I knew I had found an amazing and powerful key to healing my body…

I was introduced to Bikram Yoga about 4.5 years ago, shortly after I had my second baby. My body and my mind were still very much in recovery mode from a pregnancy that was marked by complications and extreme weight gain. The moment I finished my first Bikram class, I knew I had found an amazing and powerful key to healing my body, losing the baby weight and calming my mind. The first class was like stepping into a serene, fragrant forest and I have been a faithful practitioner ever since. I lost all the “baby” weight and then some, have gained flexibility and strength in ways I never dreamed possible, and have been the grateful beneficiary to a mind that is disciplined, calm, and focused.

Almost from the beginning I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I was fortunate enough to finally be able to attend Teacher Training in Las Vegas, Spring 2010. It was an amazing experience and solidified my passion for this yoga. I feel fortunate and honored to be able to teach at Martha and Eric’s Minneapolis Studio where maintaining the integrity of Bikram Yoga is a priority.

My other great passion in life is writing poetry. I have spent the last several years submitting my work to various literary magazines and journals. I found out that I was going to be published for the first time three weeks before I left for Bikram Teacher Training: to have two of my biggest dreams coalesce was magical. Always believe you can do anything!



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